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Cilt 7, Sayı 1/1 (Sosyal Bilimler)  Ocak - Haziran 2017  (ISSN: 2147-4877, E-ISSN: 2459-0614)

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1483953016 Humanitarian Diplomacy on the Axis of the International Committee of Red Cross’s Activities

If the world put under the scope in the current century, there is the underwhelming scene. There is a world composition that is surrounded by civil wars, human rights abuses, national and international security problems, ethnic conflicts, natural disasters, problems regard to global climate cahanges, starvation and poverty, terror, violence and many more. Although there are different reasons or interrelated problem clusters under the each of them, international community is aware of these problems that occur anywhere in the world and gives reaction to them in a short time with the progress of information technologies that are one of the positive impacts of globalization. In this context, many problems are addressed by international platform with in the scope of common ground.
In the axis of living problems one of the most important problems that must be underlined is civil war. In this point, the presence of civil wars that is showing an increase quantitatively open space to the concept of humanitarian diplomacy. When it called humanitarian diplomacy, International Committee of Red Cross is one of the main actors in this field. Although it is active in regard to humanitarian diplomacy, in literature its humanitarian diplomacy isn’t analyzed. Also, it is well known because of being limited its area of activity especially in Turkey. In this context, the concept of humanitarian diplomacy will be problematized with in the axis of the experiences of the Committee by this study. Also, ultimate purpose is to bring to light for the level of awareness and conciousness with regard to the concept of humanitarian diplomacy and the task and the mission of Committee, which plays an important role in this field. Hence, continued conflicts in the large of the world and conflict threat that can occur again at any time reflect main reality.

Key Words: Humanitarian Diplomacy, The Movement of International Red Cross and Red Crescent, International Committee of Red Cross, World Humanitarian Summit.