Batman Universitesi Yasam Bilimleri Dergisi
Cilt 5, Sayı 2  Temmuz-Aralık 2015  (ISSN: 2147-4877, E-ISSN: 2459-0614)

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1446671946 After The September 12 Military Coup And Political Life In Bingol

The 12 September military coup has been a controversial issue with its consequences. The developments unfolded after the coup was indicating a restoration period in the Turkish political life. The soldiers became the main actor of the new period which was engineered by the military. The democratic rules and the course of the social developments would be taking shape according to the new order. With this work, it will be analyzed how the landscape in Bingöl and in its counties appeared in the press right after the 12 September military coup. While the press is adopted as the main parameter in the work, the primary resources of the time will make the character of this paper. When looking at the main post-military coup developments in Bingöl, it is seen that the public as well as the intellectuals adopted rather calm attitude toward the events. Whereas the military coup was celebrated in so many cities in Turkey, the people of Bingöl did not show any significant positive or negative reaction against it. However, they voted against the referendum for the 1982 Constitution by 25% and this need to be questioned from a sociological perspective. It should be noted that the political life in Bingöl began to normalize with the transition to the multi-party life. One of the key points of this study is also the general elections conducted in 1983 and the local elections held afterwards. These two elections are the sign of the revival of the political life in Bingöl.
Key Words: Bingol, Politics, Military Coup Of 12 September, Political Parties