Batman Universitesi Yasam Bilimleri Dergisi
Cilt 2, Sayı 1  Temmuz-Aralık 2012  (ISSN: 2147-4877, E-ISSN: 2459-0614)
Gökhan KARHAN, Murat SİLİNİR, Mücahit ÇAYIN, Nihat AYDENİZ

NO Makale Adı
1361886407 Energy and economic growth relationships: the case of Turkey

Nowadays importance of energy for becoming a global power is increasing in whole world. In this context energy is one of the most strategic resources for countries and global companies. Energy consumption rate and energy imports are increasing in Turkey as in most countries. This Dependence on energy not only generates an addiction in economic structures of countries, but also necessarily creates a dependency in political structures and future decisions of the countries. In this sense, countries should pay more attention for new and renewable energy sources in order to reduce their energy imports and consumption rate.For this purpose, in this case study, the relationship between energy consumption and economic growth of Turkey in 1960-2011 has been evaluated. As a result of this study, a reciprocal causality relation between energy and economic growth has been revealed.