Batman Universitesi Yasam Bilimleri Dergisi
Cilt 1, Sayı 1  Ocak-Haziran 2012  (ISSN: 2147-4877, E-ISSN: 2459-0614)
Osman Gökdoğan, Okan Sarıgöz

NO Makale Adı
1356293149 Vocational School Students ‘Professional Practice Course’ Evaluation of Opinions

In this research, students in Vocational Schools Professional Practice Course
views and thoughts on sex, and type of education department, the department
tried to be determined by considering the demographic variables. For this purpose,
researchers have already developed and prepared by the ‘Professional Practice Survey’
Vocational School Child Development, Medical Documentation and Secretarial and
Medical Advertising and Marketing was applied to students at departments. SPSS
20.0 package program of research results, calculated by using F and t test. The results
of research, Professional Practice Course is a positive attitude about the course of
professional practice, but is less than hours, the research, the students settled in their
professional practice to work later in their lives experience, knowledge and experience
so gonna need to work and make them more knowledgeable and informed will bring