Batman Universitesi Yasam Bilimleri Dergisi
Cilt 1, Sayı 1  Ocak-Haziran 2012  (ISSN: 2147-4877, E-ISSN: 2459-0614)
Muhammet OKUDAN

NO Makale Adı
1356289817 Family Structure and Women’s Social Status in Mardin in the 19th century

Records of Cadi’s Court are the records in which sentences given as a result
of judgements done by Cadis,writings(like certificate,imperial order etc.) sent (with
records such as argument,verdict and correspondence) from the centre and correspondences
among Cadis themselves and with other governers used to be recorded.
Hence records of Cadi’s are primary sources in terms of histography of city and
region.Especially in terms of subjects such as marriage,divorcement,violence against
women and sexual abuse and distribution of estate concerning our subject directly
they are the most detailed documents.
Today the common belief in Turkish society is that polygamy was common in
Ottoman society and therefore the number of the children varied from 6 to 10.
The other mistake is related to women’s social status.It points out that they had no
right to speak,they were forced into marriage and their job was to give birth and
work in vineyards and orchards.
In terms of those misknown subjects about the general geography of Ottoman, in
the researches we did in the Records of Mardin Cadi’s Courts which are numbered
179,201,208 and 235 and belong to 19th century,we realized that the situation isn’t
so in Mardin which was in the position of Flag Centre in this period and dependant
townships and districts under Diyarbakır Province.Namely,it is realized from
the verdicts of estate claims that monogamy was common in society,polygamy
was exceptional and most of those marriages were made due to the fact that they
couldn’t have a baby.Once again in the researches we did we determined from estate
claims that avarage number of children was between 3 and 5.When we looked into
structurally we realized that there is not a big difference between a muslim and nonmuslim
family in terms of number of wives and children.
As for the position of women, again we determined in those records that their
marriages were of their own free will,otherwise they used to make a claim to the
Cadi in respect to that subject and therefore their marriages were nullified.And once
again we realized that the woman who was exposed to sexual abuse didn’t accept
that and brought it to trial.
As a consequence,for the correction of some beliefs which do not depend on any
documents in our history it is necessary that the subjects mentioned be revealed by
scientific history.Moreover with this study, although Batman doesn’t take part in
Ottoman history due the fact that it is a new town,at the least we aim to contribute to
the cultural history of the sites around like Hasankeyf Midyat and Mardin.