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Cilt 1, Sayı 1  Ocak-Haziran 2012  (ISSN: 2147-4877, E-ISSN: 2459-0614)
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1356127387 The Main Factors That Parent To Pay Attention As Regarding To Illustrations On The Selection of Children’s Book

The carrying local or global culture of savings to the new generations is
an undisputed realty on the mechanism of development, improvement and the
existence. For this purpose child and his training is considered among the priority
topics. The plan to gain the features such as knowledge, the individual consciousness
and self confidence at a level determined to the child in time enters into the main
task areas for parents with educational institution, should enter. Especially with the
pre-school period and child stage is a period when basic abilities are settled. In this
period, gained the habit of reading books that is directly related to the right with a
training plan, associated with the presentation of qualified samples to the child.
In the illustrations of children’s books lead to the source of attention on the approach
to the book for child in the beginning. While this situation is directly bringing
training in the context of information material, on the other hand it affects the reading
habits. While an ideally illustrated children’s books creating a major impact in the
development of the child’s mental and emotional, they support the child’s creative
intelligence and aesthetic knowledge structures and also aim to build innovative
On the individual reading habit, which is one of the basic developmental stages,
parent remains on a key point for directing to the child in a conscious way. While
parent is making wishes to select content evaluation of the book in the context of
responsibility of this guidance, he shouldn’t ignore the elements about illustrations
of the book, too. In this respect, we can summarize the main elements considered
under the heading of illustration in the context of the parent like these inquire;
Does the original illustration exhibits an attitude? How much Realism is required
in terms of style? How important is the general validity of Information acquired
on the illustration? Is it an appropriate illustration for the children’s age groups?
How is relationship of the text and illustration? How much do you have the general
knowledge base and experience in the field of art and aesthetics as a parent?