Batman Universitesi Yasam Bilimleri Dergisi
Cilt 1, Sayı 1  Ocak-Haziran 2012  (ISSN: 2147-4877, E-ISSN: 2459-0614)
Berivan Can Emmez

NO Makale Adı
1356126494 Diyarbakır and the Image of ‘Other’ in Mıgırdiç Margosyan’s Söyle Margos Nerelisen?

In this study, it will be introduced that literary works of minorities need to be
addressed as ‘Literature from Turkey’ at all and some Armenian Provincial Literature,
one of the minor literatures existing in the Literature from Turkey, examples will be
given. Referring literary works of minorities with its original name as a component of
geography and their culture instead of the hegemonic nation’s ethnic name will be both a
way of standing out from the perspective of defying minorities as well as make it possible
to talk about a wider Turkish Literature. In this context, cultural pluralism in Diyarbakır
in 1940-1950 and the case of minorities being ‘other’ which varies according to time and
place will be presented through Mıgırdiç Margosyan’s short stories from his book Söyle
Margos Nerelisen? as a literary work from Turkey. Minor Literature and Armenian
Provincial Literature will be explained in the first part of this study. In the second section,
the image of ‘other’ which can be observed in Margosyan’s short stories which he wrote
inspiring his own life in Diyarbakır will be described.